Kim Tronic (April 21, 2018)

I’ve always loved writing and content creation. Just ask my mom, who will confirm that some of my greatest earlier works involved Sharpies and our living room wall.

As a teenager, I boycotted the greeting cards section at my local CVS, and created humorous poems for friends’ birthdays. Unfortunately, I had no success in crushing my competition (Hallmark).

I minored in Creative Writing at Emerson College, my proudest victory a standing ovation during poetry class when I shared my ditty about the subway, titled “My Contempt For The B-Line.”

Seeking more traffic and air pollution, I moved to Los Angeles and developed a love for digital. A few years, a Marketing Certificate, and two Marketing Manager positions later, I’ve written and created content for apps, articles, blogs, newsletters, product labels, product manuals, press releases, social campaigns, and websites.

My first book (Dear Diary, Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?) is coming soon – get the scoop here.