About Me

I'm a complex gal. But rather than drone on about myself, I'll let you draw your own conclusions based on my typical weekly behaviors.

  • 16
    Flavored Lattes
  • 03
    Bottles of Sriracha
  • 28
    Times Vaccuumed
  • 79
    Times Checked Facebook
  • 514
    Minutes Cuddling With Cats

Vital Stats

Hometown: Boston. Education: Emerson College. (B.A. in Visual & Media Arts) More education: UCLA Extension. (Certificate Marketing) Sign: Virgo. Footwear: Chuck Taylors. Low top. Black. Obsessed with: The Simpsons. (Homer, not O.J.) Vices: Necklace shopping & '80s movies. Goal: Learn how to use an oven. Dislikes: High heels & pencils. Energy level: Highly caffeinated. Favorite snack: Chili paste.

My Skills

  1. Puns 28%
  2. Poetry 37%
  3. Jokes 45%
  4. Math 64%